In the past week we’ve seen first-hand just how diverse the threats are in the world of cybersecurity right now. The government of Taiwan was actively urging businesses in the country to shore up their cybersecurity in order to brace for a potential wide-scale cyber-attack on the country. At the same time, here in the UK, a ransomware attack disrupted the systems underpinning the helplines of the National Health Service. In this case hackers jeopardised our link to the people who take care of us in our moments of greatest need.

The unfortunate truth is that cyber-attacks like these are becoming more frequent and, indeed, have almost become commonplace. From DDoS assaults to cybersecurity exploits that result in data breaches, these attacks are an ever-present fact of life for individuals, businesses, and governments all around the world which cannot afford to assume that they will not be a potential future target.

Businesses should always aim to have robust cybersecurity measures in place. Likewise, they should be committed to investing in maintaining and strengthening the overall resilience of their digital systems. One useful step towards reinforcing any business´ security defenses might be to remind the company´s IT teams of the importance of these security solutions when it comes to protecting the organisation and its employees.

At Softline, we are dedicated to providing our customers with best-in-class cybersecurity services and solutions from multiple global security vendors. It is time for organisations to evaluate how they can better protect their data, their businesses, and their employees against any threat, and we are here to help you do exactly that.

We stay on top of every development in the cyber-security space so that our customers can get on with doing what they do best and running their business, safe in the knowledge that world class protection is keeping their systems safe from bad actors.