In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, embracing diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) is no longer a mere corporate buzzword but has evolved into a critical business imperative. Noventiq, with its global presence of 6,400 employees spanning across 60 countries, has recognized the intrinsic value of DEIB. Our journey starts with fostering awareness, understanding, representation, and sensitivity throughout the organization, making DEIB not just a commitment but a living reality.

A Global Perspective on DEIB:

In our endeavour to make DEIB meaningful and actionable, Noventiq has adopted a dual-lens approach. We analyse DEIB data through two distinct prisms:

  • Representation Data: This metric gauges the proportional representation of different groups within our workforce, ensuring a diverse talent pool.
  • Population Data: This involves tracking year-over-year headcount growth within specific groups, emphasizing our commitment to fostering inclusivity.

Illuminating DEIB Successes:

Noventiq has made significant strides on its DEIB journey, exemplified by key highlights:

  • Enabling an Ecosystem of Innovation: Our strategic collaboration with Darwinbox underscores our commitment to transparency in policies and HR processes through digital transformation.
  • Gender Diversity: In the past months, our global workforce of women has shown substantial growth, especially in technical (19%), sales (39%), and leadership (13%) roles.
  • Accountability & Transparency: DEIB metrics are integral to our compensation, promotion, and rewards processes. Regular salary analyses, pay gap assessments, and benchmarking ensure equity and fairness.
  • Enhanced Employee Experience: Noventiq strives to provide comprehensive support to employees across various life phases. Offerings include parental leave, extended maternity leave, hybrid work options, fertility and adoption support, and comprehensive healthcare coverage.
  • Employee Sentiments: Regular pulse surveys via the Glint platform help us gauge employee engagement and satisfaction across six core elements: Purpose, Clarity, Growth, Empowerment, Connection, and Wellbeing.
  • Inclusion: Shifting from the Inclusion Index, we now focus on employee sentiments, revealing encouraging figures, such as 83% believing their work has meaning, 78% feeling a sense of belonging, and 77% feeling cared for as individuals.
  • Feedback Mechanisms: We employ a range of formal and informal feedback mechanisms, including onboarding surveys, peer-to-peer feedback, manager feedback programs, buddy programs, and exit surveys. This feedback informs program evolution and ensures accountability among leaders.
  • Recognition: Noventiq’s commitment to DEIB has been recognized externally, earning us the “Great Place to Work Certified” designation.
  • Psychological Safety: Noventiq Speak Up, a confidential hotline, underscores our commitment to an ethical and compliant work environment.
  • Workforce Exits: We transparently report data on workforce exits, acknowledging the importance of tracking departures among both men and women.

A Shared Commitment to DEIB:

At Noventiq , DEIB is a shared commitment that unlocks the full potential of our employees, teams, organizations, and partnerships. True inclusion is about embracing differences, valuing every individual, and fostering a culture where everyone can thrive.